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DOUBLE COMPARATIVES with “the” … “the”

Comparatives using “”the” … “the” to express cause and effect or for comparison.

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Double comparatives are phrases commonly used in English to express proportionate increase or decrease, to say that when something increases or decreases, it causes something else to change.

THE MORE …. THE MORE The more you study, the more you learn.The more I see her, the more I like her.The more help we give them, the more they request.The more I watch my diet, the more weight I put on.The more money he makes, the more expensive things he buys.The more we work, the more we earn.THE MORE … THE LESSThe more I read, the less I remember.The more the sales assistant explains, the less I understand.The more food I see, the less appetite I have.The more we spend, the less we save.The more I worry, the less I sleep.THE LESS … THE MOREThe less we spend, the more we save.The less I concentrate, the more I forget.The less we worry, the more relaxed we become.The less people listen, the more impatient they become.The less you exercise, the more weight you put on.We can make comparisons using adjectives, adverbs and nouns.ADJECTIVES: The older we grow, the wiser we become.The higher you climb, the colder it gets.The younger you begin to learn a language, the easier it is.The angrier the teacher is, the worse I feel.The darker the berry, the juicier it is.The brighter the sun, the happier people feel.The colder the weather is, the hungrier I am.The more educated women are, the later they marry.The earlier you leave, the better it is.The stronger the wind blows, the colder we feel.The heavier it rains, the darker the sky is. The older he gets, the kinder he becomes.

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ADVERBS: The more carefully you plan, the better the result will be.The harder you work, the more rapidly you will obtain results.The faster you walk, the more quickly you will arrive.NOUNS: The richer a person is, the more privilege they enjoy.The more ideas you have, the more projects you will develop.The more furniture I buy, the more space I need.

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A short form of this structure is used in sentences ending in better, and the expression “the more the merrier”.

How do you like your coffee? The stronger the better.What price range are you interested in? The cheaper the better.What time would you like me to come? The earlier the better.What sort of presentation should I prepare? The shorterthe better!Can I bring a friend? Sure. The more the merrier!

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