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Please show me the errors while i installed hysys 7.3. When opening the "Aspen Hysys", it appeared two consequential notice as following:


"None of specified APED databases are accessible. Hence you can not use Aspen Properties Enterprise Database"




"To use Aspen Properties in Hysys, at least one databank should be installed and registered through Aspen Properties database configuration tool"


Hope to receive your reply as soon as possible.

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Thanks very much


Viettan Khuu




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Posted 28 November 2013 - 03:38 AM

Hi Viettan,

I think i recall these warnings/errors, the Aspen properties database one annoyed me. 

But what i recall the errors didn"t stop HYSYS from running properly, as the errors were not directly impacting hysys.


I can"t exactly recall what i did to get the errors to go away but i will try and give you some pointers.


Run a program called "Aspen Properties Database Manager". From the Start menu, head into the Aspentech folder, "Process Development V7.3" then "Aspen Properties" and then choose the program.

I think i just had select a database here.


Or in the same start menu folder, there is a program called "Aspen Properties Database Selector" maybe select here.


Sorry i cant recall exactly what i did, but hoping that this prompts someone elses recollections of this issue



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Posted 18 December 2013 - 01:17 AM

Ironically, i had a colleague have this exact issue last week.

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He was getting the same errors (i.e. the APED errors etc) , but underlying condition was that the token/license server wasn"t getting configured through the SLM Config.


In the configuration process the registry was not getting updated with SLM server details, so we brute forced the actual registry keys required. HYSYS would then run, but the errors persisted.


Trying my suggestions above didn"t show any fruit. As we were not able to select a database to get going.

One of our fall back plans to sort out the SLM, was to redo the install, but as administrator.


Our services guys, ended up taking that idea to try and sort out the APED errors, by running the "Aspen Properties Database Manager" as administrator and he was able select the database, which in turn cleared the error.

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So in short, try running the "SLM Configuration Wizard" as administrator, this should allow the application to actually write to the registry

And run "Aspen Properties Database Manager" as administrator to select the properties database.


What i found interesting is that an error didn"t really spit out from the SLM config program saying that it was unable to write to the registry, it didn"t do its normal routine, but said it was successful (where you could see it wasn"t)

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